Merri Creek Management Committee

The Myer FoundationLitter

Litter Control in Urban Waterways - Merri Creek a Pilot Study. Report initiated by the Merri Creek Coordinating Committee in 1989 and was the first study of urban litter in Melbourne. Hard copies available from MCMC.

The Litter on our streets. This report published by Moreland City Council and Merri Creek Management Committee in 1997, in cooperation with the Distribution Standards Board and the EPA looked at litter from a subcatchment of the Merri in Coburg, analysed the types and sources of the litter, and the contribution of free advertising material to the litter stream.

Water Quality

Strategy for the Restoration of the Waterways of the Merri Catchment - State of the Environment Report (1997). This report prepared by Ian Finlay, Jane McGann and Andrew Roy for MCMC examines the potential for restoration of the waterways of the Merri Creek catchment. It presented all the available information on the state of the waterways, identifying the problems resulting from human activities. A number of recommendations were made, most of which were incorporated into the Merri Creek and Environs Strategy. Hard copies of the report are available from MCMC.

An Environmental Study of Merri Creek. In 1991 P.A. Mitchell and H. Clark working for the State Water Laboratories studied the water quality of Merri Creek in detail and published this report. It effectively forms a baseline against which MCMC's performance could be monitored (given enough money to do a follow-up study designed for the purpose).

Habitat management

Management Guidelines for the Native Grasslands of the Merri Creek. This report published by MCMC in December 1997 and written by Judy Bush and Tony Faithfull looks at the native grasslands of the Merri Creek, their conservation and cultural heritage values, management issues and recommends management strategies and actions.

Merri Creek Aquatic and Semi-Aquatic Planting Guide (1999) by Brian Bainbridge (Merri Creek Management Committee) for Moreland City Council. This guide was designed specifically for revegetation designers and technicians in the lower Merri Creek catchment. It lists appropriate plant species and placement within the zones of aquatic and semi-aquatic profiles. Download (827Kb)

Coburg Lake Fish Ladder Feasibility Study Report by Lucy Finger for Merri Creek Management Committee October 1998. This report looks at fish species present in Merri Creek, fish barriers present, available fishway designs, and proposes a design for use at Coburg Lake, which was ultimately constructed by Melbourne Water in 2001 Download . A comparison pre and post-fishway was undertaken for Melbourne Water by Wayne Koster from the Freshwater Ecology Section of the Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research in June 2001 entitled "Assessment of Aquatic Fauna: Pre- and Post-Fishway Construction". The study was limited by conditions at the time of the surveys, but found Common Galaxias probably had benefited from construction of the ladder. As the survey was conducted only months after completion of the ladder, other native migratory species may have benefited after the survey, once their peak migration period started.

Gardening with indigenous plants in Moreland is a booklet with planting ideas for home gardeners. It was prepared by MCMC for the City of Moreland. Moreland's download site


Merri Creek Parklands Aboriginal and Historical Heritage Survey (1989) by Roger Hall was the first survey which documented sites of significance along Merri Creek. Whilst fairly dated now, hard copies are available from MCMC.

The Aboriginal Cultural Heritage of the Merri Merri Creek: including the Archaeological Survey for Aboriginal Sites from Craigieburn Road to Hernes Swamp (1997) by Isabel Ellender. This report documents what is known of the archaeology, history and ethnography of the area, documents results and analysis and makes a number of recommendations for the protection and significance of sites and areas of archaeological sensitivity. The recommendations have been adopted by MCMC.

People of the Merri Merri (2001) by Isabel Ellender and Peter Christiansen is a readable account of the impact of white settlement on the Aboriginal people of the Merri Creek catchment. Copies are available from MCMC or at selected bookshops.

The MCMC Journey

The Merri Creek Study published in 1975 by the Victorian Public Interest Research Group Ltd, was a broad look at the Merri Creek in terms of its setting, present conditions and the future. It was a key to creating a future vision for the Creek. Today it provides background to why MCMC has been successful, but also one of the best histories of the Merri Creek between settlement and the early 1900's. Now out of print, but copies are available for viewing at MCMC offices and some public libraries in the area.

The Merri Creek Management Study (1988) volume 1 Baseline Report and volume 2 Final Report and Recommendations was a key step in the setting up of Merri Creek Management Committee. The authors Ernst and Whinney Services were appointed as management consultants to "investigate existing management policies and practices along the Merri Creek Valley, with the purpose of providing an analytical framework for evaluation of future options for effective and efficient management of the Creek". The study recommended the setting up of the Merri Creek Management Committee.

The Merri Creek and Environs Strategy was finally published in 1999 after commencement in 1992 as the Merri Creek Concept Plan. It was published by the Merri Creek Environs Strategy Steering Committee. The plan gives direction to management of the Merri Creek Corridor. Under a number of headings background and issues are discussed, objectives set, and a range of agreed actions listed. Maps of the actions are identified where possible. A database in Microsoft Access is used to monitor progress on this strategy.

The Merri Creek Management Committee Stakeholder Consultations Brief Outcomes Report produced by Helen Carr Consulting Pty Ltd for MCMC documents the issues raised by stakeholders and staff in 2 workshops held in 2001. It lists recommendations for dealing with the issues and outcomes required for the recommendations to be fully dealt with. View this report

Teaching Resources

Stream Life: Living in a Catchment is a 104 page local flora and fauna education kit for teachers of year levels 3 to 8. Includes suggested activities and 21 pages of blackline masters for handouts.

Streets and Streams: environmental education ideas for an urban catchment is a 99 page education kit for teachers, chock-a-block with background information about the Creek. Published in 2000 by Merri Creek Management Committee.

Merri Creek Concept Plan reports

The following reports were completed as background information for the preparation of the Merri Creek Concept Plan which was published in 1997 as the Merri Creek and Environs Strategy. They are available at moderate cost from the Merri Creek Management Committee.

Merri Creek Concept Plan Community Consultation Report (1993) by Diversity Coalition Inc and Context Pty Ltd looked especially at non-English-speaking background community views of the Merri Creek. The strongest requests for improving the Creek were to eliminate litter and pollution and establish more vegetation.

Merri Creek Concept Plan Cultural Heritage Report (1993) by Chris Johnston, Context Pty Ltd and Isabel Ellender Consultant Archaeologist examined the Aboriginal and Historic places known along the Merri Creek as far north as Donnybrook Road.

Merri Creek Concept Plan Customer Research: Survey of Local Residents Report (1993) By Jan Bruce and Associates surveyed the views of residents living within half a kilometre from the Merri Creek along its length from the Yarra River to Barry Road Campbellfield.

Merri Creek Concept Plan Flora and Fauna Study Report (1993) by ARG McMahon and M. Schulz Ecological Horticulture Pty Ltd discussed the terrestrial flora and the terrestrial and avian fauna of the Merri Creek, based on a literature survey and limited supplementary field work.

Recreation and Access Study Report (1993) by Context Pty Ltd and Loder & Bayly Consulting Group analysed the recreation values of the Merri Creek and the recreation needs of its residents.

The Merri Creek Sites of Geological and Geomorphological Significance Report (1993) by Neville Rosengren, La Trobe University, Bendigo identified, described and mapped sites of geological and geomorphological significance along the Creek between Donnybrook Road and the Yarra River.

Merri Creek Concept Plan Soils Study (1993) byNeville Rosengren, Latrobe University, Bendigo. This study reviewed and revised soil maps for the Merri Creek environs, taking into account contaminated sites, bed and bank stability, soil capacity for plant growth and salinity.

Merri Creek Concept Plan Strategic and Statutory Planning Vol 1: Landuse Planning Report & Vol 2: Interim Policies and Guidelines for Development near Merri Creek (1993). This report drew together recommendations from other reports and recommended planning controls for the Creek. This report has been superseded by the Development Guidelines for the Merri Creek (1999) currently under review.

Merri Creek Concept Plan Visual Analysis Report (1993) by Loder & Bayly Consulting Group. This report examined and mapped visual catchments for the Merri Creek.

Merri Creek Concept Plan Water Quality Study (1993) P.A. Mitchell and R. A. Dunn, State Water Laboratory of Victoria. This study reviewed existing information on water quality in Merri Creek and undertook new sampling, discussed the results and pollution sources, and recommended strategies to improve water quality in the Merri and Edgars Creeks.

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