Merri Creek Management Committee

Growling Grass Frog metamorph by G HeardIn January some of our field staff were lucky enough to hear several Endangered Growling Grass Frogs (Litoria raniformis) calling from Merri Creek, at two different locations in Fawkner’s Moomba Park Reserve. This is the first time these frogs have been recorded in the lower sections of the Merri for many decades, most likely due to pollution and the loss of their habitat, We don't know how long the frogs might remain in this section of the creek, as they need still or slow moving water to breed in, and heavy rains can make the creek flow ferociously.

Come along and search for Growlers and other frogs at the Frogs in Fawkner event on Friday 26 April at 6:30pm - World Save the Frogs Day. Registration essential hereListen to the Growling Grass Frogs calling from Merri Creek .

Merri Events Calendar

24 Apr 2019;
10:00AM - 12:00PM
Wednesday volunteers - Re-scheduled to 1/5

26 Apr 2019;
06:30PM - 07:30PM
Frogs of Fawkner

28 Apr 2019;
10:00AM - 12:30PM
Woody Weed Whacking, Bababi Marning #1 in 2019 - Campbellfield - Friends of Merri Creek

30 Apr 2019;
06:30PM - 07:30PM
What frogs live in Lalor?

01 May 2019;
10:00AM - 12:00PM
Wednesday Volunteers - Friends of Merri Creek

04 May 2019;
10:00AM - 12:00PM
Friends of Merri Park Litter Clean-up – Northcote