Merri Creek Management Committee

The Myer FoundationThis initiative was funded by the Myer Foundation to make MCMC resources available to others who may wish to set up similar community based waterway management groups elsewhere.

Our aim is to empower the community to create new groups or to improve small groups already operating. The model is not a prescriptive recipe for success but provides a lot of practical "how to" generic materials that may be customised to suit the differing needs of diverse localities and communities. The material is obviously based on the Melbourne, Victoria, Australia context in which MCMC operates. No assurance can be given that the same situation will apply elsewhere or for other groups.

Initially an open source model was envisaged which would allow others to post their resources to the site, however this enhancement has not been funded at this stage. Further funding will be sought from a range of sources to enrich the site once the initial stage of posting MCMC resources is complete.

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