Merri Creek Management Committee

MCMC Annual Report 2017 smallCheck out Merri Creek Management Committee's 2017 achievements by reading our latest Annual Report. In summary we:

  • organised 29 community events ranging from plantings, sowing seeds, weed management, ecological surveys, and walks and talks;
  • reached 5,600 people in hands-on and education activities;
  • publicised 108 community events (our own and other groups');
  • commented on 25 planning permit applications;
  • supported 'Friends of' groups and hosted numerous volunteers;
  • achieved an 88% success rate for grant applications;
  • our financial bottom line was positive!

WW Dec 17MCMC led two nights of frog discovery along Edgars Creek and the Edwardes Lake wetland in Reservoir in October and November. The excursions included educational games such as a frog quiz, waterbug discovery and frog bingo. In total 40 participants heard 11 frogs calling from two local species: the Pobblebonk and the Common Eastern Froglet. All frog calls were recorded as part of Melbourne Water's citizen science Frog Census and uploaded via the Frog Census app.

WW2 Dec 17For the past two years, Melbourne Water and MCMC's Waterwatch program have been training keen community members to collect and identify waterbugs in order to assess the health of Merri CreekThis citizen science project, which is open to anyone, helps provide a picture of the comparative health of Merri Creek and a basis for future actions to improve the condition of the waterway. In 2017 MCMC ran five waterbug sampling and identification sessions with a total of 26 participants on five sites on the Merri Creek. The collated results showed that the lower, urbanised reaches of the Merri Creek only support waterbugs that are tolerant of pollution. Things are a little better in the upper reaches, north of Epping where some of the sensitive waterbugs, less tolerant of pollution, are found  (See table of waterbug pollution sensitivity in Read More section)

Uncle Dave Wandin at Bababi DjinanangMCMC is delighted to have received four grants to continue our ongoing ecological restoration and community engagement activities on the Merri. These grants include a partnership project with the Wurundjeri Tribe Council at the Merri-Yarra confluence, a project to renovate mature revegetation in East Brunswick by reducing overland erosion and introducing more appropriate understorey species, a project to improve the quality and resilience of revegetated Streambank Shrubland in Northcote, and a project that will extend and build the resilience of recent restoration work in Fawkner.

Merri Creek upstream from Blyth St on 2 12 17The heavy rain from Friday 1st to Monday 4th December brought floods to many parts of Victoria and although Merri Creek wasn't badly hit, the creek was still high and flowing fast - as shown in this photo looking upstream from Blyth St, Brunswick East on Saturday 2nd December. As is now usual following high flow events in the Merri catchment, the creek turned a distinct muddy colour and has carried lots of litter downstream.