Merri Creek Management Committee

MCMC employs a team of highly skilled and experienced staff who work on restoring the native vegetation of the Merri Creek environs. We've had a few changes in our Parkland Team membership recently.

We recently employed Jessica Slade in an ongoing capacity with the Parkland Team, after a year in a temporary position. Sarah Boys, first employed in late 2015, has re-joined the team in a temporary capacity after a short holiday-induced hiatus.
After three years with us, Sarah Bates left the team to start a PHD in Canberra on the relationship between soil biota and weeds in Native Grassland.

Long-term staff member Michael Longmore has joined Megan Maroney in a team leadership role, adding to his existing Ecological Technical Officer duties.
Our Parkland Team currently has nine members, five with over six years’ experience at MCMC. Having a highly trained and experienced native vegetation restoration team helps MCMC to recognise critical ecological change, conduct skilled on-ground works, engage with community and contribute to the long-term vision of a revitalised and healthy Merri Creek.

Details of all MCMC staff and Board members can be found here. 

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