Merri Creek Management Committee

MCMC and Collingwood Children’s Farm have partnered to gain a $20,000 Melbourne Water Community Grant to enhance river bank integrity and improve riparian revegetation planted in the 1980s. The project is based on the Yarra River at Collingwood Children's Farm and will help to ameliorate impacts of erosion, improve indigenous habitat along the riverbank and reduce sediment and nutrient rich farming runoff into the river. The project will engage the community of the Abbotsford Convent and Collingwood Children’s Farm precinct through two Community Plantings in 2017: on Sunday 21st May and on NAIDOC Day Wednesday 6th July.

If your organisation/group would like to add value to your current works, MCMC may be able to support you in the application and/or delivery of waterway grants. Call Katrina on 9380 8199 to explore the possibilities.

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