Merri Creek Management Committee

Participants identifying waterbugs at the waterbug censusTwelve passionate participants spent a sunny morning up to their knees in the Darebin Creek in late February 2017. They were learning how to collect and identify live Waterbugs (aquatic macroinvertebrates) at MCMC Waterwatch’s latest Waterbug Census workshop.

Waterbug participants learning about safe sampling techniques on the Darebin Creek

Water bugs are crucial for the health of waterways, being a key part of the food chain and by their presence, tell us about the health of the ecosystem. The more diversity and population of waterbugs, the better the health of the system. Many of the participants will now go on to collect important waterbug data for key sites on the Merri Creek. 

amy and harley collecitng bugs on net

This workshop was proudly supported by Melbourne Water.

If you'd like to join a future training session on waterbugs or join a volunteer Waterwatch monitoring group please contact our Waterwatch Coordinator, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  ph. 9380-8199



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