Merri Creek Management Committee

On 6 December 2007 an echidna was found curled up under a parked car in the carpark at the corner of Park Street and Nicholson Streets North Fitzroy.

VicRoads is investigating another major freeway for Merri Creek. The Outer Metropolitan Ring Planning Study shows a new freeway from just west of Werribee, cutting between Melbourne Airport and Sunbury and joining the Hume Freeway just north of Kalkallo.

We’re pleased to announce that The Ian Potter Foundation is supporting a new MCMC program (2007 to 2008) called Out on a Limb. Through this program we will work with eight schools to develop local catchment awareness.

Students will be offered a range of activities during visits to their schools and will also be taken by bus to tour local areas of conservation significance.

On 27 September 2007, at Broadmeadows Magistrates’ Court, Onesteel MBS Pty Ltd pleaded guilty to causing an environmental hazard charge brought by the Environment Protection Authority in relation to the discharge of an estimated 3,000 litres of chromic acid from its premises at Cliffords Road Somerton in late October 2005.

The Court, without convicting Onesteel MBS Pty Ltd, ordered it to pay $75,000 to MCMC for the Streets and Streams project which involves community education on stormwater impact via guided walks, display materials and electronic and printed information packages, as well as stormwater monitoring work and habitat restoration at four sites along Merri Creek: Rushwood Reserve Craigieburn, Moomba Park Fawkner, Merri Park Wetland Northcote, and Hall Reserve Wetland Clifton Hill.

The discharge resulted from an overflow of chromic acid when the power and air supply was turned off for the Melbourne Cup weekend in 2005. The secondary containment bund also failed to contain the overflow and the chromic acid entered the stormwater drains. Luckily, it did not reach Merri Creek but was contained in a Melbourne Water sediment basin on the west side of Hume Highway.


Onesteel MBS Pty Ltd has since made appropriate changes to prevent a recurrence of this incident.

During 2007 MCMC has been working with Darebin City Council and a number of other stakeholders to reduce litter in Merri Park, Northcote. Three meetings have been held for people to share their experiences about how they use the park and how they manage to be responsible for litter.

The process has revealed that many park users come from far and wide to participate in seasonal sports competitions, while others are regular visitors, such as students from Northcote High School and nearby residents. By coming together they've become more aware of each other's initiatives in caring for the area.

All stakeholders are preparing to co-sign a Memorandum of Understanding to continue their shared focus and responsibility for Merri Park.