Merri Creek Management Committee

Native Bee and Dianella sp. aff. longifolia Benambra Pascoe Vale dCould you be a foster-carer to a new generation of the Merri's wildflowers? The Friends of Merri Creek's Secret Seven project is seeking committed individuals with a green thumb to help increase the seed supply of some local rare plants. In 2018- 19 volunteers will be sought to tend plants that will produce seed for reintroduction into the Merri environs.

How does it work?  Seven locally rare plant species will have ‘Seed Production Area' (SPA) populations established from cuttings and seeds sourced from the last survivors on the Merri and nearby. Some of these SPAs will be in the ground near the Merri Creek, others will be maintained by nurseries, and some by the Joe’s Garden team at CERES. These precious plants will be pampered and carefully tended to maximise production of seeds which can then be used to expand the population of these plants in secure reserves near the Merri. Some species are suitable for growing in containers. We believe volunteers (like you?) can make good foster-carers for these growing seed banks.

What’s involved?  You would need to commit to tending a collection of 50 plants of one species for 18 months. During this time you would need to water and protect the plants according to specific instructions. In season, you would need to regularly collect seed from the plants for supply to MCMC’s conservation projects.

Training for foster carers is scheduled for Saturday, 26th May. This will be conducted by propagation manager at the Victorian Indigenous Nurseries Cooperative, Naomie Sunner. Support will be available, including temporary babysitting of your plants, if needed.

Express your interest:  Sounds like you? Please get in touch with MCMC via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling 9380 8199 between 8am and 3pm. Further details will be available in coming weeks.

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