Merri Creek Management Committee

Tussock Grass in FawknerCreekline Tussock Grasslands were once widespread along the floodplains and creek terraces north of Melbourne. These vegetation communities are now endangered, as grazing by sheep and cattle along Merri Creek destroyed the soft soil they depend upon.

In 2018 Merri Creek Management Committee received a $20,000 Melbourne Water Community Grant to restore Creekline Tussock Grassland and escarpment vegetation in Fawkner. Since then our Ecological Restoration team has been busy revegetating Fawkner’s creek flats, with help from Fawkner Primary School students and Friends of Merri Creek volunteers. Only six months later, Common Tussock Grass, Poa labillardieri, which forms the backbone of this community, is thriving (photo). Revegetation of creek-side cliffs in the same area has been completed.


Merri Events Calendar

Wurundjeri panel - featureSee a web version of these fabulous panels which celebrate the outstanding community achievement since 1975 in transforming Merri Creek from a weed-smothered drain to a much-loved waterway running through a bushland corridor: fronts of panels (17MB file); backs of panels (9MB file).

The two metre size panels were originally displayed at libraries and other public places throughout the Merri Creek catchment over 16 months until late 2016, in celebration of MCMC's 25th Anniversary.