Merri Creek Management Committee

Merri Ck 90 NTU turbidity below CERES 06 07 19

Once again, the muddy pale yellow-brown appearance of Merri Creek has caused concern and widespread comment. When the muddiness of the creek became visible on Thursday 4 July 2019, we began regular monitoring of turbidity levels (cloudiness) in Brunswick East. Turbidity peaked on Saturday 6 July at 90 NTU, a week after 40mm of rain in the upper catchment. Since then turbidity has gradually declined. By Tuesday 9 July turbidity had dropped to 45 NTU, still well above the 'healthy' level of 15 NTU or lower.  In a major Merri event in 2018  turbidity in the lower Merri reached the alarming level of 500 NTU.  Follow this link to read our article about sources of sediment in the  Kalkallo sub-catchment of Merri Creek and the problem of highly dispersive soils in both rural and developing urban parts of the sub-catchment.

Merri Ck turbidity graph 16 july 2019