Merri Creek Management Committee

Congratulations to Friends of Merri Creek, for gaining $19,997 from the Melbourne Water River Health IncentiveNorthcote Gorge planting sites program 2014 to restore native vegetation at the striking Northcote Gorge. This volcanic escarpment on the east bank of Merri Creek north of Heidelberg Rd Northcote, still retains some of its original vegetation. The project, Gorge-ous Views! Restoring the Merri Creek Habitat Corridor, involves controlling serious environmental weeds, then planting trees, shrubs, and dense ground-storey plants. Merri Creek Management Committee will help the Friends to deliver the project

Everyone is invited to a community planting and BBQ on 15 June 2014 for this project.  See our events calendar (lower left of page) for more details.

This will hopefully be just the first stage in the eventual conversion of the largest block of exotic weeds remaining in the area between Heidelberg Rd and High St Northcote. As this is narrow stretch of creek corridor, it vital to improve its habitat quality to increase its value as a wildlife passage.

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