Merri Creek Management Committee

To try and tackle the gender gap in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) fields, MCMC decided to focus on environmental science and provide opportunities to girls in the latter part of their schooling careers. We received a grant from the Victorian Women's Benevolent Trust to build on the Women in Science conference that was held in 2015 for 140 upper high school students.

This new grant allowed us to recruit amazing female scientist willing to give a day to show our future scientists the breadth of careers options available to them. The following workplaces hosted a small group of ten students, who were given a hands-on experience of what like is like in a particular workplace, as well as the journey these women took to get where they are:


We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the girls, including:

"I've discovered that there are more pathways in the science industry than the obvious ones"

"Hearing experience from someone in the industry inspired me to do more stuff to get my name out there"

"It has inspired me even more to move into a biological field"

"I am more aware of my opportunities".

Many thanks to the wonderful women scientist who inspired us all and to the Victorian Women's Benevolent Trust whom supported this project and even attended one of the event.

Good luck to the female students in their future science endeavours, we will hopefully see some of you down at the Merri...



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