We are enormously grateful to have received a substantial grant from The Myer Foundation’s Sustainability and Environment Capacity Building Stream 2016. This will enable us to undertake much needed strategic and organisational planning to continue building on our achievements and ensure we remain viable and vibrant.

We have secured two Corridors of Green grants from Melbourne Water. One is for weed control and revegetation to encourage the regeneration of Escarpment Shrubland and Streambank Shrubland along Kalkallo and Merri Creeks at Laffan Reserve, south of Kalkallo. The other is to replace weedy vegetation with competitive revegetation to achieve a continuous 3.3 km stretch of managed indigenous vegetation on the west bank of the Merri Creek in Fawkner. These projects will be rolled out between July 2016 and December 2017. (June 2016)