Special BEST SONIA SIERRA small 600 x 450Our new three minute film gives a snapshot of how Merri Creek Management Committee connects and communicates with local communities and celebrates local biodiversity.

Celebrating Merri Creeks Biodiversity

We meet thousands of people every year keen to learn about and enjoy our local waterways and indigenous bidiversity.  In any one year we are in contact with dozens of community groups and more than a hundred education institutions, from early childhood to tertiary, in nearby local places. We recognise the special role of  Wurundjeri Traditional Owners when we work with community and school groups.

We thank the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal for their generous support in enabling us to produce this film. The Foundation also funded the Stepping Stones Around the Table event shown in the film. This roundtable connected diverse community participants with philanthropic organisations and opened eyes and ears to the types of projects that might be supported. Thanks also to our many funders over the years from the philanthropic, state and local government  sectors. Many different organisations have helped us develop the creative engagement approaches shown in the film. Effective partnerships at work!

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