Merri Creek Management Committee

Map of Spry St Coburg landTimely action by Moreland Council has saved two critical parcels of land next to Merri Creek from residential development.  Excellent campaigns from the local community, Friends of Merri Creek (FoMC), Merri Creek Management Committee (MCMC) and in Fawkner, the Fawkner Residents Association led to this result.

Council negotiated a successful offer for a parcel of VicRoads land at McBryde St Fawkner. This significant piece of land abuts Merri Creek and has been an effective part of the open space corridor for many years.  Council also made a successful purchase on the open market of a prominent block of private land at 2 Spry St Coburg North, next to the Merri Creek Trail and Merri Creek.  

2 Spry St Coburg

Moreland Council made a successful bid of $3.6 million on the open market for this secluded private property after a quick local campaign. Council will now subdivide the upper part of the property, furthest from Merri Creek (the area in the white area on the map) and on-sell this portion. Safe pedestrian access from Spry St to the Merri Creek parklands will be provided and the remainder of the land will become public open space (green on the map). This is a wonderful addition for the community and the Merri Creek environment. It comes after MCMC, FoMC, local residents, Melbourne Water and Moreland Council joined forces to successfully oppose an intrusive development of 23 townhouses at VCAT in September 2017.  Read the VCAT decision.

VicRoads land at McBryde St Fawkner

Moreland Council's offer to buy 'surplus' VicRoads land by Merri Creek at 106 McBryde St, Fawkner has been accepted and the land will be retained as public open space. It is actively used by the community and wildlife and has great potential for open space improvement. VicRoads wanted to rezone the majority of the parcel and sell it for residential development. Our sincere thanks to Moreland Council who responded to the community's vigorous opposition to the sell off of this land and successfully negotiated a purchase price. Read the background on the issue here.

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