Angela kidsMerri Creek Management Committee staff visited Galada Kindergarten in Epping to introduce local biodiversity to 12 groups of four year olds over two days in March 2020. We used storytelling to introduce Spotted Marsh Frog, Pacific Black Duck, Rakali, Long-necked Turtle, Platypus (Dulai wurrung), and Short-finned Eel (Iuk) as local creatures of Wurundjeri Country and their Woi-wurrung names (when known).

The children are at an age where they’re learning the importance of saying their names and some are progressing to writing their names. Our approach built on their interest in naming themselves and the world around them.

We added to the stories with recorded frog calls, small furry puppets, and twined animals made from knitting wool and grass. 

The Kindergarten is interested in visiting a nearby stony knoll grassland in the future. Visits like this will provide more opportunities for the local community to connect with local natural areas.

Our thanks to the City of Whittlesea for support for the delivery of our kids and nature activities at local early years centres.