Merri Creek Management Committee

The State Government’s Logical Inclusions Review is considering additions to Melbourne’s Urban Growth Boundary. The biggest change for the Merri is the proposal to bring headwater areas of the catchment – the rapidly urbanising Wallan township and environs - into the Urban Growth Boundary.
The proposed area includes an extensive, low lying flood prone area, the former Hernes Swamp, which MCMC believes is not suitable for development. Before it was drained, the swamp formed a seasonally inundated wetland, rich with bird life.

See MCMC’s submission HERE (2.8MB pdf file).

MCMC has created attractive full colour Information Notes summarising five long term restoration projects in :
The notes outline the environmental history, cultural and ecological values of each site and those involved in its restoration. Please contact the MCMC office for free copies printed on recycled paper.

MCMC has prepared a Biodiversity Network Plan for the upper Merri Creek. The plan brings together information on existing reserves, existing and desireable habitat corridors, important remnant vegetation areas and swamps in a systematic way. The Plan is summarised in a map of the proposed network.

Download the Upper Merri Biodiversity Network Plan (6.23MB pdf file)

The latest version of the Merri Creek and Environs Strategy 2009-2014 is now available.

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