Merri Creek Management Committee

new WW recruits on the Darebin CreekIt should not come as a surprise that MCMC's Waterwatch Program is focussed on Merri Creek. But did you know we extend beyond the Merri? With assistance from some of our member Councils we support activities and community monitors on nearby waterways such as Darebin Creek and Moonee Ponds Creek. 

In late October 2018 we ran an event to recruit and train Waterwatch monitors for Darebin Creek. After an introduction to the site, close to Northland Shopping Centre, participants were trained in taking and analysing water samples - from the creek itself and from a drain outfall. One of the enthusiastic participants wrote an inspiring account of the day - see it below.

Waterwatch Coordinator Julia Cirillo, who organised this event, introduced the geology, water quality history of this site to the crowd. People then had lots of fun collecting water samples under Julia’s guidance. Two sites were visited, one along the creek bank, the other collecting a water sample from the drain outflow. In the mild spring breeze, we observed a lovely duck family swimming by with their little babies. Appealing new greens along the creek banks was flourishing. It was such a moment to immerse oneself in the great nature. 

After that, the group proceeded with physical and chemical testings of the water samples. Everyone gets a chance to be a scientist by following instructions. People were helping each other with lots of chattering and laughter. All the monitoring data got recorded was then passed to Julia for filing and uploading onto the online Waterwatch water quality database that is accessible for everyone. The harmonious vibes created between human and nature during the event was just so enjoyable that many showed their interests in future volunteering at this site. And why not you? If you would like to volunteer as a Waterwatch volunteer, go to the Waterwatch page or contact  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

By Carol Han, MCMC student placement from University of Melbourne

This event was funded by the City of Darebin. The ongoing support for this Waterwatch group is funded by the City of Darebin and Melbourne Water. 

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