Melb City Mission 3We partnered with Melbourne City Mission for a morning of activities along Merri Creek in Fawkner during the 2019 Easter School holidays. Activities included a walk and talk along the creek, looking for birds and other wildlife. A Swamp Wallaby was spotted on the banks of the Merri, we caught waterbugs from of the creek, tested the water (salinity and turbidity) and met a local Spotted Marsh Frog. Kids also had fun rolling down hills and climbing trees. The session finished with morning tea put on by Melbourne City Mission.

Although some families from Fawkner had expressed some reservations about going to Merri Creek, due to its isolation and unfamiliarity, the particiants enjoyed the session immensely. Their.comments included:

“I really liked when we found the small fish in the creek;”
“I liked looking at the different types of greens and birds;”
“[I liked the] food and questions and walking together;”
“[I liked] walking and going up the hill and hunting;”
“I loved being with everyone and sharing an open air activity. We love Merri Creek. Thanks a lot;”
“It was nice to walk along the creek and observe the native birds. I also loved the spotted frog! Thanks.”

The following week an interested crowd of cubs, scouts, parents and leaders enjoyed a fun froggy factual presentation, activities and a walk along Merri Creek. They learned about frog species, habitat requirements and the biology of Fawkner’s local frogs. A local Spotted Marsh Frog, frog bingo and a frog quiz were on hand for children.

To find out how you can co-run an event on the Merri Creek visit our Environmental Education and Community Engagement page.

Thank you to the City of Moreland for funding these opportunities.  Moreland provides annual funding to MCMC to deliver creek related activities.