Merri Creek Management Committee

Big River understorey establishingMerri Creek Management Committee recently completed work on the Big River Project in partnership with Collingwood Children’s Farm. This involved a 1km stretch of vegetation along the edge of the Yarra River in Abbotsford, controlling high threat weeds such as Pampas Lily of the Valley and Wandering Tradescantia. With the help of some wonderful volunteers, over one thousand understorey and mid-storey plants were added to the site, providing much needed stabilisation and biodiversity to the river bank. See the before and after photos here. The project was funded by a Melbourne Water Community Grant.

We hope for another successful grant application in 2019, so we can continue this restoration work in partnership with the Collingwood Children's Farm. (Photo: Indigenous understorey of Tussock Grass and Hop Goodenia establishing on the Yarra River bank.)