Site location mapLOCATION: CLONBINANE 5000/04.03 E25200 N50550

Cutting on eastern side of Wallan-Woodstock Road (also known as Epping Road) 50 m north of the intersection of Beveridge road.

ACCESS: Woodstock-Wallan Road (Epping Road).

OWNERSHIP & MUNICIPALITY: Public Land, City of Whittlesea.

SITE DESCRIPTION: The road cuttings expose gently dipping interbedded sandstone and siltstone beds of the Humevale Formation. Primary structural features of the beds (bedding planes, depositional structures), tectonic features (joints and minor faults) and weathering of the sedimentary rocks are clearly displayed. The weathering and duplex soil developed on these beds is well displayed in the profile shown by the cutting. There is a 1.5 m wide decomposed dyke intersecting the sedimentary beds. The steep angle of dip of the dyke contrasts with the shallow dip of the sedimentary rocks.


The site is an accessible exposure of the Humevale Formation, a formation which is the bedrock of the upper catchment of the Merri Creek.


CLASS 2. The exposures are gradually deteriorating by weathering and slumping of the over steepened slopes of the road cut. The slopes are too steep to allow vegetation growth and it is likely the cuttings will continue to be visible for many years. Within the interests of road safety, the RCA should be urged to maintain the cuttings as geological features if future road maintenance or widening operations are carried out. The eastern cutting has the best exposures and is best viewed from the top of the western (lower) cutting. There is no adjacent off-road parking but the site may be safely viewed by small groups at road level.

REFERENCES: None known.

Weathered dyke in Humevale Formation, Merriang, Victoria, Australia

Photograph 46, Weathered dyke in Humevale Formation, Merriang, Site 33 (Photo Neville Rosengren approx 1993)