Site location mapLOCATION: CLONBINANE5000/04.03 E22500 N45700 to E23750 VA7750 Corridor approximately 2.2 km long from 50 m to 100 m wide along the Merri Creek south of "Merri Park".

ACCESS: Epping Road.

OWNERSHIP: Private land ("Merri Park"), Shire of Whittlesea

SITE DESCRIPTION: The Merri Creek flows in a rocky channel cut into and bounded by lava flows from Bald Hill. The "inner valley" of the creek is incised on average 5 metres below the level of the lava plain which here is a series of subdued stony rises and ridges with a local relief of 5 to 8 metres. There is a variety of relief along the creek valley including small rapids alternating with pools, large joint-bounded lava blocks, low rocky cliffs, rock terraces and alluvial terraces. The site is enhanced by the proximity of Bald Hill , a very conspicuous volcano and the source of the lava flows of the area.


This is the most "natural" sector of the Merri Creek in the study area and is almost certainly the least disturbed sector in all of the Merri Creek catchment. Although there are no outstanding individual geological or geomorphological features, the intact assembly of landforms and the diversity of indigenous vegetation provides an excellent illustration of the physical environment of the Merri Creek valley prior to European settlement.


CLASS 3. The site is on private land but has had little interference from built structures and grazing pressure is currently low. The essential qualities of the site are adequately maintained under the current management and land use. The geological features are robust and walking trails could be developed without damaging these. There is no public access and the site is remote from public roads.

REFERENCES: None known

Incised channel of Merri Creek with alluvial and rock terraces, Merriang, Victoria, Australia

Photograph 48. Incised channel of Merri Creek with alluvial and rock terraces at Site 35, Merri Park. Photograph Neville Rosengren approx 1993.

Bouldery channel at

Photograph 49. Bouldery channel at Site 35, Merri Park. Photograph Neville Rosengren approx 1993