The primary purpose of the Merri Creek Management Committee (MCMC) is to ensure the preservation of natural and cultural heritage, and the ecologically sensitive restoration, development and maintenance of the Merri Creek and tributaries, their corridors and associated ecological communities.

MCMC acknowledges that the Merri Creek flows through the cultural landscape of the Wurundjeri and that recognition, reconciliation and engagement with Aboriginal people is necessary to achieve its primary purpose.

In order to achieve its primary purpose, MCMC:

  • consults, co-ordinates, informs, advises and provides a forum for member organisations and other stakeholders;
  • participates in strategic and statutory planning and development assessment processes;
  • advocates for policy, development and resource allocation decisions that are complementary to the primary purpose;
  • carries out conservation and restoration programs and works;
  • develops and maintains skills and expertise in ecological restoration of waterway corridors, and shares these with member organisations and other stakeholders within and beyond the Merri catchment;
  • informs, educates and involves the community;
  • provides support, resourcing and facilitation of skills development to community groups;
  • seeks the consolidation and expansion of public open space along the Creek corridor, particularly in urban and urban fringe areas;
  • undertakes and supports research and monitoring;
  • maintains a gift fund known as the Merri Creek Environment Fund to support MCMC’s primary purpose.

The geographic coverage to which this Statement of Purposes applies is the Merri Creek and its catchment, including its tributaries and their sub-catchments.

MCMC may also undertake works in adjoining catchment areas, where such works will contribute to the financial health, knowledge and skills development and maintenance and/or work team viability of MCMC, and where such works are not at the expense of MCMC’s core role.