Merri Creek Management Committee

See Merri Creek Management Committee's 2019-20 Flora and Fauna Report, with 94 fauna sightings, including rarely seen birds, Brush Cuckoo, Southern Boobook Owl and Pink Robin, as well as several rare and threatened flora species.

Bequest site plantingThe first stage of a five-year plan for a 'Bequest site' next to Merri Creek in Oldis Gardens, Northcote, was completed by August 2020. The site was prepared, planted and mulched by Merri Creek Management Committee (MCMC) through the generosity of Geoff Richards. Geoff plans to leave a bequest to Friends of Merri Creek (FoMC) in memory of his partner, Harry Nash. However, he is keen to see some restoration at the site and is donating $5,000 p.a. for five years to FoMC to achieve this. The site, above a spectacular basalt escarpment, is close to where Geoff and Harry lived.

FoMC has contracted MCMC to develop the site over the next five years, tackling a fifth of the site at a time.  MCMC will do the weed control and site preparation and organise community planting with indigenous plants. The whole Bequest sit' will be maintained in perpetuity, with planting and weed control undertaken as necessary. 
FoMC is currently in discussion with Darebin City Council about a sign for the site which will be called The Harry Nash Indigenous Garden.

See Merri Creek Management Committee's 2018-19 Flora and Fauna Report, which includes the introduction of three rare grassland plants, a Powerful Owl, Growling Grass Frogs, and even a Striped Legless Lizard.

Nature PlayFederal Communities Environment Program: At very short notice we helped prepare eight Expressions of Interest for this grant program, in close consultation with Friends of Merri Creek and Wallan Environment Group.  Seven of these applications were successful and the funded projects have been confirmed (details below).  We are very appreciative of the support shown for Merri Creek restoration by our local federal MPs.

Hume City Council Community Partnership Grant:  We are delighted to have a $10,000 grant for the first year of A Little Nature Play in Hume. The three-year project will enable Merri Creek Management Committee staff to support and lead outdoor nature play in the City of Hume. Funding for the second and third years is contingent on the success of the first year. 

6 Planting garden2 16 7 19We have converted some unused space in our backyard at 2 Lee St Brunswick East into a Seed Production Area (SPA). Victorian Indigenous Nurseries Cooperative (VINC) kindly provided the plants which were installed into rows of drip-watered beds in mid-July 2019. The SPA will help ensure a steady supply of Merri-provenance seed is available for propagation by VINC, and for direct sowing by Merri Creek Management Committee (MCMC) into the Merri Creek grasslands.

Our Ecological Restoration Program has developed particular expertise in managing precious native grassland remnants found in in the Merri Creek environs. This report describes the results of targeted vegetation management on interface of an urban Grassland Reserve: Ngarri-djarrang in Reservoir (3.5MB PDF file).