In urban environments stormwater is the main cause of pollution in our creeks. After a rain event all the water is washed down the stormwater drains on the edge of the road.  The drain then leads directly to the local creek. But the water carries with it any pollution that it picks up on the way,   including litter, car oil, dog poo and much more.

Schools Storming for Cleaner Water and stormwater education

Storming for Cleaner Water is funded by Whittlesea City Council and delivered by Merri Creek Management Committee in partnership with Darebin Creek Management Committee to think about stormwater and its effects on local creeks including Merri Creek, Darebin Creek and Edgars Creek.

We work with educators and community to build on their interests in age-appropriate ways from early years to tertiary level with:

  1. Interactive presentations that consider rain and stormwater flow in urban environments, creeks, waterway pollution and environmental impacts
  2. Walks around school or beyond with special attention to drains, gutters, local waterways, catchment concepts and ocean connectionsRichmond West PS 121213
  3. Activities that highlight urban creeklife through stories, arts-based sessions

To connect with stormwater education or Storming for Cleaner Water in Whittlesea please contact Angela Foley at MCMC on 9380 8199 or emailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Students add pollutants to the water to see how the creek is effectedIMG 8203 612 x 816