Merri Creek Management Committee Incorporated (MCMC) is an environmental coordination and management agency formed in 1989 to achieve a shared vision for the waterway corridors of the Merri Creek Catchment. Our members include all the municipalities in the catchment: the Darebin, Hume, Merri-bek (ex Moreland), Whittlesea and Yarra City Councils plus Mitchell Shire Council, the Friends of Merri Creek and the Wallan Environment Group. Representatives of these member groups form a Committee of Management which develops policy and guides MCMC's activities.

Our Purposes:

The primary purpose of the Merri Creek Management Committee (MCMC) is to ensure the preservation of natural and cultural heritage, and the ecologically sensitive restoration, development and maintenance of the Merri Creek and tributaries, their corridors and associated ecological communities. More on MCMC's Statement of Purposes

Our Mission Statement:

MCMC respects and honours the spirit of the land and its peoples, indigenous plants and animals, and works with the community to preserve, restore and promote the Merri Creek, its catchment and neighbouring region as a vital living system

Merri Catchment Waterways Shared Vision:

To achieve a healthy living streams flowing through attractive environments which provide habitat for native animals and are valued by the community as a peaceful, passive open space havens. To protect the natural and cultural features of the Merri catchment waterway corridors though sensitive management which will provide a lasting benefit for the community. (From the Merri Creek and Environs Strategy)

Merri Creek, Galada Tamboore, (Wurundjeri language for Stream Waterhole) Thomastown and Campbellfield. Merri Creek Management Committee.

Merri Creek Management Committee (MCMC) is well known locally for planting and managing indigenous (local native) grasses, shrubs and trees at more than 80 sites along the Merri Creek and its tributaries in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, in partnership with local commmunities.

MCMC's funding comes from its local government members, from regional, state, federal and philanthropic grant programs, and from competitively won tenders. It employs about 20 staff. We collaborate with our neighbours, the Moonee Ponds Creek Coordination Committee and the Darebin Creek Management Committee.

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You can find out more about how MCMC was established HERE.



Merri Creek, Galada Tamboore (Wurundjeri for Stream Waterhole), in Melbourne's northern suburbs of Thomastown and Campbellfield.