litter in trees after floodsVisitors to Merri Creek are often alarmed by the amount of litter trapped among vegetation and on the creek banks. The great majority of this litter comes after rain runs it from local streets into the creek, via underground stormwater drains, and it's obviously a lot worse when it rains heavily.

There's been a lot of community interest in helping to remove this litter. This is great, but we want to ensure that litter clean-ups are done safely. Wet weather brings hazards such as slippery/muddy banks, site flooding and strong water flows. We always complete a site safety assessment before going ahead with community litter clean-ups. Follow the 'Read more' prompt to find out how we support people to safely undertake litter clean-ups.

We support community litter clean-ups through:

  • site safety assessments on clean-up procedures and advice on suitable litter hot spots for clean-ups
  • safety training (1 hour in duration) for community members to run their own events
  • provision of a litter kit for loan to groups/individuals who have completed safety training or have attended an MCMC supervised clean-up event
  • education sessions on the impact of litter on the Merri Creek & data on litter collected
  • clean-up education sessions for Kindergartens, Primary and Secondary schools: we meet creek-side and can provide all equipment

To find a site that is safe for a community litter clean up and information on managing the risks go to our Merri Creek Safe Litter Sites page

Clean-up Training Sessions

Training sessions are for ages 18 and above. They run for 45-60 minutes and are usually held at the MCMC Office in Brunswick East. They cover:

• How to conduct site safety assessments
• Safe litter removal, including handling certain litter (e.g. broken glass, syringes)
• Where NOT to remove litter
• Waste disposal including what can safely be recycled
• How to collect citizen science data on the amounts and types of litter. This will help put together Source Reduction Plans so that litter does not end up in waterways in the first place.

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in booking in for a clean up training session. Our next training session is on Sunday 14 April 2024  - book here

The MCMC Litter Kit

The MCMC litter collection kit can be borrowed by any community member who has attended an MCMC litter training session or event. The kit has equipment for up to 25 participants (including children). Community organisers can borrow this kit out for a maximum of two weeks, subject to availability. A full list of items in the kit is available here. 

Further information

If you want to organise your own litter clean-up using the MCMC litter kit, visit the MCMC events calendar to see upcoming community litter champion training sessions.
We have a Litter Clean Ups Facebook page for upcoming events and information. 
You can subscribe to be kept up to date on these training sessions and upcoming events on our subscribe page, clicking the “events like litter clean ups” button. 
Learn more about the content of the kit and the logistics of organising a collection on the Friends of Merri Creek community litter page
If you want to organise a litter event coordinated by an MCMC staff member, contact a Litter team member below. Please ensure you have read the contents of the Merri Creek community litter page before contacting us

Julia Cirillo I Waterwatch & Rapid Response to Litter after Rainfall Coordinator
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 0493-591-724
Tania Struzina | Waterwatch and Litter Education Officer
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The MCMC Rapid Response to Litter after Rainfall program is proudly funded by the Cities of Darebin, Merri-bek, Whittlesea & Yarra. The program is supported by the Friends of Merri Creek.