Merri Creek Management Committee

Environmental Education

Gum Tree Learning - a video about inspiring primary educators to teach with Australian eucalypts with a Merri Creek focus. See

Melbourne Water education resouces -


Discovering the Frogs of Darebin - a "froginar" recorded on Friday 5 June 2020.

Frog Quiz

Download our frog quiz as a Word document.

Other frog resources

  • Melbourne Water frog census FB page
  • (USA based research and advocacy organisation for frogs world wide- great free webinars and literature) 
  • Gardening Australia's "How to create a frog bog habitat" with Costa.
  • FrogID is a national citizen science project that is helping us learn more about what is happening to Australia’s frogs.
  • (Shared from Frog ID): Frog hotels are certainly doing the rounds on social media right now. It’s amazing to see all the photos being shared of people doing their bit to create habitat in their gardens. Frog hotels provide shelter for tree frogs and should always be strategically positioned in an area out of direct sunlight. There are some fantastic resources out there now that provide all the tips on how build and decorate your very own hotel, and our partners at Bunnings did a fine job on a video as part of their DIY Live program. Click here to watch the full Bunnings DIY Live video on Instagram.

Indigenous biodiversity

Seeding the Future - indigenous seed collection training videos:

Celebrating Merri Creek's Biodiversity and learning about indigenous biodiversity and recognising Wurundjeri (the traditional owners) with the community at Merri Creek, Melbourne, Australia.


Creek Life Jigsaws

Jigsaws from Creek Life: Flora & Fauna of the Merri Creek Valley - 2nd Edition. Artwork by Brian Bainbridge.

Creek Life - cover  birds of prey   jewels in the grass redgum and inhabitants 
 Creek Life cover Birds of Prey  Jewels in the Grass Redgum and Inhabitants
Merri banks  waterflow and waterlife     
Merri banks Waterflow and Waterlife    

 Frog Jigsaws

eastern froglet 

Eastern Froglet



spotted marsh frog

Spotted Marsh Frog

Striped Marsh Frog

Striped Marsh Frog


Litter clean-ups - A wealth of "how to" information for individuals and groups to safely remove litter from the Merri catchment:   

Covid-safe Litter Clean-ups - A recorded webinar on how to do a Covid-safe litter clean-up

Litter Trackers - This project, coordinated by RMIT, Melbourne Water, MCMC and Antonine College, followed the release of five plastic bottles fitted with GPS litter tracker into Merri Creek in May 2019:…/803-tracking-litter-on-merri-creek

Polystyrene in the Yarra - This webinar, hosted by the Yarra Riverkeeper Association on 21 May 2020, gives an overview of the amounts of polysterene found in the Yarra River:

Strain the Drains - This video from Tangaroa Blue recaps their project of monitoring some drains to identify the main sources of litter into Port Phillip Bay. This project, partnered by the City of Moreland, helps to develop strategies to reduce the litter load and protect our waterways and marine ecoystems. The data from our litter pickups is sent through to Tangaroa Blue and can be accessed by the community.

Maps and virtual tours

Special Sites on Merri Creek - an interactive map

Virtual Catchment Tours of Merri Creek - four Google Earth tours of Merri Creek, a general tour, a grasslands tour, a geological tour, and a tour of Galada Tamboore

Aitken Creek's Living Pathways - a graphic tour of a special part of Aitken Creek in Craigieburn, highlighting its rare plants and animals. Aitken Creek is a tributary of Merri Creek

30 years of transformation of lower Merri Creek - this graphic tour takes you to a series of sites along Merri Creek in East Brunswick and Northcote, with images from more than 30 years ago


Volcano Bingo - test your knowledge on volcanoes

Volcanoes of Northern Melbourne - text article with links to further information


MCMC's Waterwatch program - a narrated powerpoint with Julia Cirillo, MCMC Waterwatch Coordinator:

Jane Bevelander was the MCMC Healthy Waterways Waterwatch Coordinator from 2009-2016. She talks to Leader Newspapers reporter Andrew Jefferson on 13 February 2012 about the general state of the Merri Creek and the recent discovery of a platypus stuck in rubbish:

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