In late 2012, on the recommendation of the Merri Creek & Environs Strategy Implementation sub-committee, the Merri Creek Management Committee (MCMC) decided to prepare an Urban Growth Addendum to the MCES to ensure the appropriateness and priorities of actions in view of the massive expansion of the UGB in the upper Merri catchment

This document, the Urban Growth Addendum, available as a pdf for download, has the same chapter headings and numbers as the MCES and consists of introductory text and new actions. The new actions aim to achieve a greater focus on the MCES objectives for key matters in the expanded UGB and identify Merri Creek Management Committee (MCMC) as having the lead role.

The overarching goals and vision (see p.2 of the document) are unchanged from the MCES 2009-2014 and the actions in the MCES 2009-2014 on the whole are still relevant. However some of the original actions have been deemed redundant because of the UGB changes and these, plus progress on implementation of MCES actions in general, can be seen by accessing the Online Actions Database.

Download the Merri Creek and Environs Strategy Urban Growth Addendum 2013 pdf.