Merri Creek Management Committee

Silver Banksia JJ HarrisonSilver Banksia woodlands were once widespread across the volcanic cones and stony rises of western Victoria. Sadly in the Merri catchment and much of the Victorian Volcanic Plains, the Banksia woodlands are now extinct. Thanks to generous donations to the Merri Creek Environment Fund, we hope to bring Banksia Woodlands back to the Merri in the years ahead.

On Wednesday 20 October 2021, Merri Creek Management Committee and Steve Sinclair (Arthur Rylah Institute/Friends of the Forgotten Woodlands) ran a webinar discussing how historical records and ecological information are being combined to understand the past distribution of Silver Banksia, and how the surviving fragments are being brought together to return these forgotten woodlands to western Victoria. See the webinar HERE.

(Silver Banksia image courtesy of JJ Harrison CC BY-SA 3.0)