Merri Park Wetlands are a remarkable example of a hidden jewel – it feels so special and quiet there.  Students are amazed to consider concepts of habitat loss and recovery and see real example.

 It's wild out there...

Merri Creek Management Committee has been working with school communities to integrate environmental education into the curriculum for an engaging learning experience. There are some terrific places to visit along Merri Creek for learning about the local environment. Merri Creek flows from Wallan township north of Melbourne through the northern suburbs of Melbourne.

Students explore using cameras, mirrors, and sketch pads. They enjoy listening to the local wildlife first hand.

Restored indigenous habitat along the Merri is a great outdoor classroom. Students then understand that these plants are local to this area - not just native to Australia. They know that without biodiversity of this level of integrity means the loss of visitors such as the Sacred Kingfisher.

If you would like your students to be involved in one of these environmental education excursions please contact Angela on 9380 8199, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Students enjoying their large outdoor classroomStudents enjoy planting in this bush setting by the creek