As Merri Creek Management Committee approaches its 35th year of operation, we celebrate both the enduring culture of our organisation
as well as anticipating a time of growth and change. InIMG 3467 2023 we farewelled team members who have supported the Merri Creek with passion for many years, including Ray Radford, who served the organisation for 28 years and who remains involved as a volunteer with Friends of Merri Creek.

Ray is known for stewarding the Merri News and Annual Reports, his hands-on work organising many Woody Weed Whacking events, his tenacious pursuit of the usage of Woi-wurrung names for Merri grasslands and his overall versatility to help the organisation with whatever it has needed.


We prepare to farewell Tony Faithfull, one of Merri Creek Management Committee’s very first employees, who has seen the organisation through many changes and is now leaving us after an incredible 35 years. Tony’s contributions extend to every arm of our organisation and include forming and leading our earliest ecological restoration team, strategic reviews, the overhaul of our accounting system, management of our significant image collection and the critical task of transferring much of our organisational systems online during Covid lockdowns.We have also recently celebrated the work of Monica Williamson and former Manager Luisa Macmillan. These people have formed a huge part of the collaborative Merri Creek culture and we extend our thanks to them for the legacy they have placed in our hands – a healthier Merri Creek and a band of supporters working towards a healthy Merri Creek in years to come.

While some doors are closing, others are opening. We have welcomed four new team members in 2023, including a new Executive Officer, and the newly formed roles of Operations Manager, Conservation Support Officer and Communications Officer. The coming year promises to be one of growth. Please join us in celebrating the extraordinary contribution that our enduring team have made and will make to the restoration of Melbourne’s much-loved Merri Creek.