Would you like to do something about all the litter that accumulates along the Edgars and Merri Creeks? If so, watch the recording of the webinar training session held in late May 2020. It gives guidance on safely organising litter clean ups, consistent with the Stage 3 COVID-19 requirements of the time. The session includes: safety tips, equipment advice, safe sites, litter hot spots, and how to dispose of cleaned-up litter safely and sustainably.

The Merri Creek Litter Community Clean-Ups project is funded by a grant to the Friends of Merri Creek from the Victorian Government (Port Phillip Bay fund). Merri Creek Management Committee is helping delivery the project along with many volunteers.

Check out the Merri Creek Litter Facebook page for regular updates: https://www.facebook.com/MerriCreekLitterCleanUps/ and the Friends of Merri Creek litter web page: https://www.friendsofmerricreek.org.au/index.cfm?display=1145319

Watch this video to find out about how the litter data is collected:

It is vitally important to count and categorise litter types and amounts in order to get a picture of what and where litter is coming from our streets, into our creeks and then into the world's oceans. The Friends of Merri Creek with the local community on the Merri Creek and Edgars Creeks has been collecting and sorting litter as part of the Rapid Response to Litter in the Merri Creek catchment after Rainfall 3 year project . From a typical litter clean up event, as shown here, we are getting a clearer picture of the source of litter in the catchments which will help us educate and reduce the amounts coming in via stormwater drains. This event was located at the confluence of Edgars and Merri Creeks in Coburg in August 2019. The event was run in partnership with MCMC and RMIT University. Thank you to Linda Marks for filming and producing this video. 23/08/2019.