Merri Creek Management Committee

Swamp WallabyMany kinds of wildlife have responded to protection and restoration of Merri Creek. However some kinds of wildlife love revegetation to death! A trial by Merri Creek Management Committee (MCMC) has sought to improve establishment of plants where wildlife is determined to have it for lunch.  

Banner for Birdwatching

Participants in the Friends of Merri Creek Birdwatch and Wildflower tour on Sunday 18th November 2012 were thrilled to see the rare Latham's (Japanese) Snipe as we entered the grassland (also known as 'Cooper Street Grassland').  This migratory species breeds in the northern islands of Japan and spends the southern summer feeding in wetland areas through eastern Australia.  

This new Google Earth Tour allows you to virtually fly up the Merri Creek valley visiting the grassland and woodland sites of MCMC’s three year project: Reinforcing Grassland Ecological Values.