Merri Creek Management Committee

First planting along Wallan Creek with Wallan Primary School in November 2003Wallan Environment Group was called the Friends of Wallan Creek until April 2010. The group's original goal was to restore and enhance the environmental values of Wallan Creek, a tributary of Merri Creek, as it flows through the town of Wallan, north of Melbourne. 

Accordingly, Wallan Environment Group's initial focus was on weed removal, revegetation, and mulching work along Wallan Creek in Wallan Community Park, the reserve behind Wallan Scout Hall (along Watson Street). The extensive revegetation work that the group has undertaken in the park has involved the use of plants that are indigenous to the local area. While most of our activities are still held in the reserve, the group has now enlarged its goals to cover the natural environment in and around Wallan. The photos show the huge improvement along Wallan Creek from the first planting, with Wallan Primary School, in November 2003 to November 2014. 

Wallan Creek from the same viewpoint as above in November 2014Wallan Environment Group organises at least one working day per month. These working days are normally held on the Sunday after the Wallan Market from 10am-1pm. We hope that you can make it to one of the Group’s working days. The work undertaken on these days aims to beautify the local area, create habitat for local animals and birds, and improve the environmental values of Wallan Creek. The working days are also an opportunity to meet other like-minded people from your local community. Everyone is welcome. Bring your family and friends along, and enjoy the free BBQ lunch provided for all volunteers once the work is complete for the day.

For more information on membership, please contact:
Wallan Environment Group,
PO Box 327, Wallan 3756
Phone: 5783 1325 or email: Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.