GGF for MCEF 2023Our sincere thanks to the 73 generous donors to our 2023 Merri Creek Environment Fund appeal, Help our endangered Growling Grass Frogs. The appeal raised $19,444 and will be a great help in finding out more about these frogs in the Merri Parklands in northern Fawkner. We want to know whether and where they're breeding in the vicinity, whether they’ll make use of the new wetland that Merri-bek Council has developed in Moomba Park and how we can best support them to thrive in the Merri Parklands. 

We received some very appreciative comments from donors: 
"I'm always inspired by your work and efforts, keep up the great work and thank you!!"
"Love your work in bringing nature to the urban environment."
We also received a delightful letter with a donation from Merri Creek itself - see the incredible full story in the article: Donation from Merri Creek itself!