Silver Banksia JJ HarrisonOur heartfelt thanks to the 124 generous donors to our 2021 Merri Creek Environment Fund Appeal, Help bring back the Merri banksias. We were delighted to raise a very healthy $26,622 for this project, with special mention to one committed donor who gave $10,000 towards the project.

We’re especially pleased to see a big increase in the number of donors, up from the 67 in 2020, and to know that so many people love Merri Creek. 

Along with the donations, we received many touching messages of appreciation for Merri Creek and the work we do, like: "I can’t thank you enough for preserving this space that sustained me during the hardest of times in each lockdown. Thank you." Such words mean a lot us, so thanks to those who support us in various ways. See more lovely messages from our donors below.

Thank you for looking after this precious waterway and all the living things who rely on it for survival and flourishing. It is invaluable to humans and nonhumans alike. Love your work.

Thank you for your stewardship of our wonderful creek.

 Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do.

Your work gives me hope, every day.

This is for the Merri banksias. What a great program. Thanks!

Keep up the magnificent work. I hope one day to see the Silver Banksia woodlands restored.

It is not a big donation - I am on the pension - but I greatly appreciate your group's efforts in our local community.

Congratulations on all your wonderful work at MCMC to make the Merri Creek a special place for people to enjoy during lockdown and at other times.