PardaloteGenerous donations to the Merri Creek Environment Fund are helping with the second year of the Merri Creek Nest Box Pilot Project.

60 artificial hollows were installed in Merri Park south of Arthurton Rd, Northcote. These aim to create habitat for smaller hollow-nesting arboreal species such as microbats and small birds (like pardalotes), and thus increase biodiversity along Merri Creek. The report of the first year is here.

Now we want to set up a Nest Box Monitoring Group. Volunteer monitoring of the nest boxes will help us find out which bird and bat species are using the artificial hollows; what type of hollows they prefer; and what pests we need to manage for.

MicrobatIt can take months, even years, for any one species to move into the boxes and until now the monitoring has been too sporadic to know which species have taken up residency. To fill this knowledge gap, we want to start a Nest Box Monitoring Group to gather data on a monthly basis. This data will then be used to further expand the project. Monitoring is done by using a camera pole (5m) that reaches up to the nest box entrance and connects to your phone, where you can view what is inside. Data is recorded on spread sheets that identify information for each hollow.

MCMC will offer initial training to those interested in joining the group and will provide equipment for the monthly monitoring.


  • 2 x hours Daytime (Suggested: 10am -12midday)
  • Once per month (Suggested: Last Sat of the month)
  • Monitoring is needed from SPRING to AUTUMN (take a break in winter)
  • At least 3 people are needed for a monitoring event
  • Using the camera pole can be strenuous work but not everyone in the group needs to have this capability (OH&S safety training provided)
  • This is a social, family friendly, fun activity!
  • If you would like to join this  project, MCMC would love to hear from you! Please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.