In 2018 community donations to Merri Creek Management Committee’s public fund, the Merri Creek Environment Fund (MCEF), supported a project at the Say G’day Trail reserve at the top of the Merri catchment at Heathcote Junction. The ecoogical restoration activities aimed to improve the habitat values of the area, in keeping with the character of remnant vegetation in the reserve, and to address several threats to the vegetation identified during previous restoration works. The project paid for the:

Say GDay bus tourEstablishment of 700 wildflower plants with high self-regenerating potential to increase diversity of restored area and provide ‘pollination partners’ for remnant species lacking sufficient numbers to maintain viable populations.

Development of a management plan for the reserve, to ensure Mitchell Shire Council’s weed and fire management programs maintain or improve the site’s significant environmental values.

Design of a brochure to educate residents and trail users about the ecological values of the reserve and ‘good neighbour’ practices.

The project also contributed to the costs of a community ‘Secret Seven bus tour’, which visited the Say G'DayTrail and other reserves in the upper Merri catchment, and educated locals and other community members on the important values of these sites and threats to the sites’ survival.

You can read the full project report here (pdf).

Photo: Bus tour participants visiting the Say G’day Trail on 10th November 2018. The group is examining remnant vegetation and is learning about the habitat requirements of rare species. This area contains Dwarf Boronia and native grasses that host Golden Sun Moths.